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Chat Forum to discuss; In the myths, ideology, radical agendas is what appears to be political issues as American citizens freedoms and very lives are being compromised for years due; perhaps even decades to the functionality of our governments performance.


Due to our governments functionality of its performance there is an immediate need to address and correct the many situations that we have been unwillingly forced to accept. The unconstitutional infringements that contradict what this country was united for since its inception and the catastrophic direction we are being led.


Voice your opinion today, it matters.  You can voice your opinion here on our Chat Forum, Create a Post or Create A Group.


Plus all the options that you have in your profile to upload pictures, albums, music, videos, send messages and so much more.


With strong beliefs that a positive change can be obtained.

Hope you will join us and “Rise Above” to the occasion. - Chat Forum



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  • guest_4272 : Great site! We should unite during these troubling times.
  • guest_5864 : The sign is great. It has its own RSS feed, even for the profile you create.
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  • guest_6008 : Hello
  • guest_9169 : More than ever we need to unite!
  • guest_168 : More people should be involved in this site.
  • guest_2882 : Really liked the site. Lots of points of concern regarding our country.
  • guest_3082 : We should be more active in having our country united.
  • WeThePeople : We the people must unite!
  • guest_1648 : I really like that there is a separate social media site to discuss these issues; to unite our country.
  • guest_533 : Great site, I wish people would communicate one here more with posts and groups. Better than other popular social media sites.
  • guest_1766 : We must unite our country.
  • Site Administrator (Moderator) : We hope everyone is enjoying the site.
  • guest_165 : Most people are not happy with our current situations. Only united can change be obtained. Remember, "The United States Of America".
  • guest_5920 : Better than other social media sites. Free speech that is respectful.
  • Rick : More people should seriously consider joining.
  • Alan : A place to respectfully discuss important topics and unite American’s.
  • JoeinSC : Like the layout and the information. Everyone should become a member, it's free!
  • Lisa : Great Site! We must unite.
  • guest_2007 : Like the site.
  • guest_1526 : I agree with Carol.
  • Carol in NJ : More people should be concerned as the creators of this site about our country. Help unite our country.
  • guest_8474 : Like the idea to unite america once again. We have been divided for too long!
  • guest_6322 : Nice site. Well documented.
  • Fred in Minnesota : Like the site and the information. We the people for the people!
  • Bob Kansas :
  • Jesse In Alabama : Sinema doubles down on filibuster:
  • Frank from New York : This is interesting:
  • John C : Yes, there is a need to unite America.
  • Site Administrator (Moderator) : Voice your opinion now, it matters.
  • Rachel : Happy new year! So excited to see how we can all work together in 2022!
  • guest_5226 : I do not think that CRT should be taught in schools.
  • guest_3579 : hi
  • wethepeopleforthepeo : Site Admin: Welcome to our new chat forum. Hope you enjoy!
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