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     We have had an abundance of conversations with individuals, watched many events that have been happening all over this great nation through the news medias, observed many websites, blogs and posts;  Did you know that you can speak about your concerns here and have your group  or join us in some discussions?

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Informed that there has been some discussions with other social media sites about political issues that are topics and posts being moderated or blocked;  If you are having some difficulties and need help here is our Member Guide.

     This website has been rated as R — Intended for adult audiences above 17Is it not appropriate for young children not be exposed to such topics?  If you would like to become a part of a new social media site that does discuss political issues or adult topics please join myinteractive.us.

     If at all possible we would ask for your cooperation in regards to this matter.  Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.

We do in fact support:    Free Speech.

But, with Freedom comes responsibility.

Hurtful, harmful actions towards others will not “Unite Us” or help anyone.

We encourage you to use this site to speak about political issues or just some very important topics that pertain to the citizens of the United States of America.  Maybe you have a topic that has not been posted here that is in need of some perspectives?

     There was a thought that if we could have all of these with a collaborated effort to be centralized in one location to “Rise Above” to the occasion for the benefit of all citizens of these United States of America there would be success to unite us once again.

    With the conversations that had transpired in speaking to individuals it is a fact that the simple majority has been watching while waiting silently with hope that our government, elected officials, appointed government employees and government employees would perform the necessary corrections needed.  We ask that the simple majority speak their perspective to save this great nation.

  We The People”: of the United States of America are our government and the elected are supposed to be people of our country to be “For The People”.

     If we do not act to save our country from further destruction and devastation; will we become a third world country?  Is it not starting to look like one?  People being innocently killed and assaulted in the streets, people not exercising our freedoms as intended, our government in total disarray, planes that were hijacked and flown in buildings, our laws broken and not enforced, just total and literal chaos.  What happened to this?

     As I am sure that you would agree that this country literally is being ripped apart from many perspectives; our government, our laws, our security, our sovereignty, our leadership and most importantly some individuals that want this to occur.  God help us.

     We have posted many different topics in our posts and in our blogs from the administrators.  We have not actually given a perspective towards anyone topic one way or another.  This opinion should be performed by We The People”, with a collaborated effort to speak about the topics as we help to cure our nation.

     We are very sincere and passionate about what has been stated on this website and it is based on factual events and the truth.

     If you happen to have an opposing view, that’s great post it.  But, please we ask that anything that is posted is based on an intellectual, adult, respectful manner.  Please there is no need to be rude or disrespectful.

     People will listen to a well supported, respectful opinion or statement.  Would you not agree?

      Stating that you hate an individual with no rhyme or reason is not really appropriate.  Just saying.  Not to forget the fact that that is some really strong language to use.

“Although knowledge is power; not using the knowledge obtained will have zero impact.” – JSM

     If you happen to need our assistance, or have suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Hope you will join us and “Rise Above” to the occasion.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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