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Our Mission:

Our Mission – “We The People For The People” is to Rise Above, evaluate the functionality of our government, and have the true people’s voice listened to as we work together to cure our nation for the greater good.

We are a country of laws as every other country has laws too, that protect the citizens of that country that pertain to that country’s beliefs. Yes, we are different from other countries and help everyone. But, if we can not or are not able to help ourselves how can we help others?

No intent whatsoever to be involved in a blame game, point fingers, or accusations of any one topic or person. Although there will be a need to address circumstances, situations, topics and positions that have brought us to the challenges that we face in this era.

Anyone topic, situation, circumstance or issue can be examined and argued to the point of no return. IE: Any one person can look at the color grey and interpret grey as multiple variations of grey and argue the point that it is not grey.

For all purposes here we would like to see the color grey is the color grey. Approach any one area as it actually is, not argue irrational variations that can be manipulated to perform an unproductive result.

Not what the mission is. Our Mission – “We The People For The People”  is to work together to achieve positive productivity.

This will be updated further by the citizens of this country to convey the opinions, views, and concerns of the people of these United States of America as it is all the legal citizen’s of this country that are by the way of fact that are our government. To have our government perform as our government should.

There appears to be a need to address many topics, situations, circumstances or issues that may be in need of correction and to work towards a cure as we look at these situations for their face value that would benefit the majority. A Society.

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