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Our Government:

A democratic system of government is a form of government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation involving periodic free elections of term limits.

As previously discussed here an abundance of laws were initially created “For The People” to protect and help We The People”. But, once again an abundance of the laws that were initially created to protect citizens are having a reverse effect to place people with an advantage over others and then allowing them to take advantage of others.

IE: Landlord / Tenant – these laws were initially intended to protect tenants from being displaced on the street, when in fact now it’s just tenants taking advantage of the Landlords to cause them harm.

Allowing binding contracts (leases) to be modified or changed other than the parties that entered into the agreement. Destroying their property, monetary losses, etc. Prisoners of their own homes if you will.

These land owners worked hard to acquire these properties but then the rule of law allows them to be taken advantage of ? Ever been in a Landlord – Tenant court room? Where would these people live or what would they do if some people did not invest in properties to become Landlords?

A check and balance system was set in place, with a division of power (Branches of The U.S. Government) to insure its success and our sovereignty to be a well defined democracy:

Legislative: Creates Laws (Congress, The House of Representatives and Senate)

Executive: Executes Laws (President, Vice President, Cabinet and most Federal Agencies)

Judicial: Evaluates and Enforces Laws (Supreme Court, Superior Court and Municipal Court)

Lawmakers are creating more and more laws where there is no need for them. We are at a point where this country needs less laws, not more.

The abuse of exercising Executive Orders.

The appellate division of the court system makes final decisions on cases from superior court and superior court can overrule decisions from municipal courts.

Only some cases can go beyond to the higher court which is the supreme court and few cases are heard.

IE: In an instance where the appellate division should not adhere to our ability to have due process, then what happens to that person? They are denied their rights and are forced to accept the inappropriate decision? The “twisted interpretation” of the rule of law.

Once again a system that was created with the intention of our founding fathers to protect citizens of these United States of America. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be what is happening all over this great nation.

Without a doubt nothing or no one is perfect. But, also it is the way that something can be manipulated for something other than its intended purpose.

When more than ever money is needed at home in these United States of America by the citizens of this country. We are attempting to pass legislation (billions of dollars) to help other countries, solving other countries’ issues, illegal activity, etc. When American citizens face: rent payments, mortgage payments, homelessness, starvation, unemployment, etc.

How about passing some legislation that will help address and correct some of the decision making process that was performed before, during and after the Pandemic? Yes, some money was given in these areas but not enough to cure the problems.

Our government itself is not abiding by the laws of this land. An absolute disgrace.

They are omitted from the rule of law, from criminal activity or not implementing the rule of law appropriately? No. There is a need for them to be held accountable for their actions just as all citizens of this country are expected to do so in any job performance.

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