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Our Past:

Our history is our history good, bad or indifferent and can not be changed as it has already happened. The reason it’s called History.

This is the greatest nation in the world, there must have been some success that stemmed from our history. No one person or any system is perfect.

There are and have been corrections throughout our history in regards to“We The People For The People”

At what point do we not need to rehash the same issues that have already been corrected?

Why are we not embarrassing our history as we always have instead of disgracing it?

How about the way these United States of America were just in the 70’s and 80’s or decades prior?

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness:

Less crime

Rational decisions

No police at schools

Strong family values

Respect for each other

Knowing right from wrong

No genetically modified food

Gun ownership was common

People enjoyed helping others

Being healthy was encouraged

“No shirt, no shoes, no service”

Respect for the police and laws

Schools did not look like prisons

No need to be politically correct

No shootings of innocent people

Churches were open and unlocked

People had manners and were polite

Police were there to protect and serve

You were held accountable for your actions

High fructose corn syrup was not commonly used

The ability to leave your cars and homes unlocked

Walk down the street not feeling afraid or assaulted

Interaction with each other that’s happy and positive

Communicated with each other in person or speaking to

Our government and judicial system upheld the “rule of law”

A civil, logical discussion about anything and no one is upset

Taking things that did not belong to you was considered stealing

The ability to walk miles to a school and not have too much concern

Husbands and Wives stood by and supported each other, “To death do us part”

Not having to place security cameras everywhere to ensure appropriate behavior

Restaurants had a sign that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”

Someone pumped your gas, checked your oil, and cleaned your windshield for you

Parents didn’t have to worry about too much about their children, only had to be home when the street lights went on

“In today’s world (2021), Does it not appear that a hell on earth has been created?”  —  JSM

Did something happen to the water that we are now drinking? No.

Does it appear that we are being led in a positive, productive and healthy direction? No.

How did we defer from basic principles of a society? Did we confuse our future (children) when they were children and then they became adults?

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