wethepeopleforthepeople.us Social_Media

Our Vision:

There is a time more than ever before for to unite this great nation and not divide us.

A Professional, Responsible, Productive Social Media Platform with Blogs and Chat rooms is available and active with regards to “We The People For The People” as we“Rise Above” to unite these United States of America.  Once you Register and Log In the site will have the appearance and performance of a social media platform.

We are asking for an Uncensored, Fair and a Non Biased Platform. Nothing will be permitted that is illegal or infringes on the rule of law.

A Professional Social Media Platform that is for the greater good. A platform that will not be bought or pursued to a political agenda or party. Not stating that you can not, but you can do that on My Interactive where you can post pictures of eating french fries or what ever you would like to post.

Obtain Satellite Groups all over this great nation with team leaders to gather information of “We The People” all over these United States of America to unite us once again.

Districts if you will, just as it was intended from the creation of these United States of America. To discuss issues in greater detail along with some issues that may have not been mentioned here as of the moment to bring our government back from its original foundation and belief system as “We The People For The People”.

Determined to seek the truth of any circumstance, perform in a good way, doing things the right way and to restore this great nation from its creation to the solid foundation and belief system that has enabled us to be the greatest nation in the world. Because the original foundation and belief system worked and was extremely successful.

We must peacefully unite (maybe re-unite?) the United States of America for it’s imperative for us to save our country from further distractions and diversions from which it was founded to protect its sovereignty to have this great nation succeed that began to colonize in 1492.

Only united, then only can we bring these United States to a solid foundation once again and grant the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Justice for all.

Basic fundamentals of a society are needed to live together as a prosperous nation as it was intended from the inception of our Independence.

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