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Elected Officials:

In order to be effective,Elected Officials must work as part of a team to establish a shared vision for the future. They must develop goals and plans that make that future possible. Work with their colleagues and constituents to enact the local policies and laws that will ultimately lead to accomplishment.

“We The People For The People”: With the belief while supported by fact that these United States of America and the citizens that are living within; to have our government perform as they have an obligation as our government, elected officials, appointed government employees and government employees to support the rights, liberties and justice of all citizens in this county, not just some. A Society.

Politicians that are making a mockery of our country for the whole world to see?

It appears that some politicians get elected rather than representing the views of the constituents of their district, concerns and options within the district that they are chosen to represent; it appears they invoke their own personal beliefs, opinions, forget the very reason they were elected was to represent these citizens in the first place and they fall into “politics”.

How did we get to “politics”, “lobbyists”and “politicians”? Another great example of a situation that was constructed for a purpose; then manipulated for a purpose not for the greater good.

The diversification of having two “main” parties Democratic, Republican and other parties. This was to allow the ability to perceive any one situation from several separate perspectives in the attempts to negotiate these perspectives that would have a fair and balanced decision.

Another great example of a framework that was designed for the greater good than manipulated and not performed as its original intent.

Money is the root of all evil? – Proverb: Greed gives rise to selfish or wicked actions.

“We The People” elect politicians that are within a district “For The People” throughout this nation are to be the voice of the constituents within the district they were elected to represent through the vow they pledged to uphold the, Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights of citizens of this great nation.

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