Profile → Change Profile Photo

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 You can change the image by navigating to your Profile → Change Profile Photo page.

You have three options to upload your new profile photo:

1. Upload Tab: Open up the File Upload box by clicking on the “Select Your File” button, choose the image you prefer, crop the image, and save.

2. Upload Tab: Drag and Drop an image from your desktop to the space provided in the screen below, crop the image, and save.


3. Take Photo Tab: You will be able to use your computer’s webcam to take your profile photo if you are using a browser which supports  getUserMedia . Otherwise, there will a notification on screen that this feature is not available for you at that time.

3.a. Confirm that you’re willing to share your webcam in the dialogue box which shows up in your Firefox or Chrome browser per image below (Firefox).


3.b. When you’re satisfied with your “pose”, click on the “Capture” button and then click on the “Save” button.


Delete Tab: If you’d like to delete your profile photo but not upload a new one, click on the “Delete My Profile Photo” button.