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The Economy:

Economic growth is driven oftentimes by consumer spending and business investment.

Businesses drive the economy when they hire workers, raise wages, and invest in attempts to grow their business.

Inflation is at a 13 year high as of July 2021?

Executive orders that were created to “help” “We The People” of the United States of America?

“We The People For The People” telling citizen’s that they do not have to pay rent or pay their mortgage. Businesses were forced to close their doors.

Yes, without a doubt some action was needed to Flatten The Curve. Yes, there was a need that some people did need help in these areas. Another example is something that was designed with the intent to help some people in need, but just became an abusive tool.

What about all the people that are employed or have businesses in these sectors? They have a right to provide for their families as well. These entities should lose everything they have because the elected officials said so? The cost of doing business? No.

For a second let’s see this for what it is, not the picture that was painted. In some cases these businesses put their blood, sweat, and tears along with their entire life savings at risk. They may have worked years in the attempts to obtain a livelihood with a business in some cases with zero profits for years, in some cases lost everything and went out of business.

“People only want to share in my profits, but do not want to share is my losses” — JSM

Small businesses create jobs that create income (paychecks) that fuel our economy that everyone benefits from.

“Small businesses are the backbone of this country”.

These businesses pay; payroll taxes, in some cases health benefits or a portion, local taxes, real estate taxes, rent, expense accounts, fuel, utilities, licensing, sales tax, federal taxes, etc.

These are also additional driving factors that fuel our economy. The expenses that businesses pay provide additional jobs in those sectors, then additional jobs from those sectors. This is the cycle of an economy. These are some of the examples for the tax breaks businesses receive.

“Risk with no reward, what is the incentive?” — JSM

Small amounts of money were given that would not cover these missed payments anyway. Then, people bought other items, goods or services and did not pay their rent or mortgages with the money. A bubble waiting to burst.

The economy is growing! Seems almost impossible to believe, I know. Helping who?

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